The Ross Child

Dragged up in Brummurbia by religious zealots throughout the Thatcher years, the young Ross first found solace in music through the heathen vinyl collection of his parents. Whilst seeking out their affection he discovered the likes of Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Pink Floyd, Cream and Thin Lizzy amongst the 12” and 45’s. Many a day was spent with the siblings miming to the phonograph on full blast while the parents were out. There was even a radio show broadcast to the neighbours which went down surprisingly well. This inspired the youngsters towards instruments, of which keyboards, guitar and drums were the first of many in the household ancillary.

After leaving home to find his fortune, he endured many trials. A damp, decrepit flat and jobs that included sanitary cleaning and the manufacturing industry of the midlands left their mark on the adult Ross, leaving him thoroughly depressed and with many sociological issues. He fell deeply into the Hindi music scene as an escape, learning its texures and rhythms on harmonium and dohlak – an Indian double headed drum.

This also lead to the meeting of a woman, who would make a big impression on his life and direction of the music…

Tiring of the incessant drudgery of his factorial entrapment, and his twenties falling behind him, this is when the piano began to take hold of his heartstrings proper. Ross found delight in composing his own works right from the start, and would often commandeer some of his family and friends to play the various parts he had written.

After many a fight and fallout between this band of brothers, Ross took another direction towards the Avalon area of the southwest UK. He found refuge in the Mendip Hills, and absorbed the local music scene. This is where Ross really began to thrive as a musician and was able to focus entirely on the discipline, courtesy of the government.

The reborn Ross Child raced through bands and collaborations like a man possessed, with Book of Jao, Solace, Ebb, Nightingale and Child, Bayobab, Rory Strawbery and Ghostdance all contributing to his prowess as multi instrumentalist.

His dedication to the art continues…

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