Lela Mai

From the tender age of 7, Lela has held a violin in her hand.
Music being her one true love,she soon joined the family orchestra with her brothers and sisters to perform at many festivals and events.
As she grew up ,Lela was often found skipping school in order to practice.Such was her passion for the instrument!
Later she dropped out of music college to follow a more immersive path into folk music and the scene surrounding it. Spending a few years in London,Lela then travelled through Europe and Asia soaking up the many ethnical musical cultures along the way.
She settled down for a time with a musical community in Italy where she learned Tarantella and Pizzica ,amongst other local musical styles.
With a keen interest in the African rhythms further enriched by various trips to West Africa, combined with heavy traditional and contemporary Irish folk influences all contributing to her own unique and fiery style.
Lela Mai lives in Glastonbury, Somerset, where she performs and teaches her beloved music.

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