The Invisible gem are a whirling dervish of a band with an evocative style that takes you on an epic journey of danger and romance. If you can keep up with the frenetic percussion, hypnotic guitar, dramatic piano and furious fiddle then you will.have earned that drink! Combining the influences of folk, rock, classical and swing to bring you an eclectic night of delight.

Now dance people!


23rd Mar 2019

The King Arthur Glastonbury.

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Thankyou for making the end of my holiday!

Julie Richie

Holiday Maker

They were splendid as ever.

Mark Pearson


Great band and beautiful frost fairy dancing,very inspiring!

Mimi Lovehealth


They were awesome! All three are superb musicians. Well done to Lela who is a staggeringly brilliant fiddler!

If you see their name playing anywhere, go check them out.

Ingrid Crawford


We were brilliant! …well i was anyway.

Ross Child

Musician, Freelance

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